Free Printable Behavior Charts

Are you tired of hearing your kids argue with you and with each other? Is the yelling and fighting getting you down? Behavior Charts can help you improve your child’s behavior faster than you think possible.  You will find a huge selection of free printable behavior charts on this site with the following themes.

If you did not find the sticker chart that you are looking for then please comment below and we will try to add it to the selection available.

Why use behavior charts?

We do not realize how much attention we pay to negative behavior. Most parents ignore good behavior but reprimand their children for bad behavior. For each time they praise their kids they reprimand them at least 6 times. If you reverse this and praise your child six times for every negative remark you will find that your children want to improve their behavior in order to be praised. After all, who doesn’t like to be praised? When our kids behave well it is easy to forget to praise them or to recognize their good behavior. Behavior Charts help us remember to recognize and praise good behavior.

Each time a child behaves in the required manner he or she receives a sticker or mark on the behavior chart. The sticker shows the child that this behavior was considered good and is recognized as such. For some kids receiving the stickers on the behavior charts is enough to improve their behavior. Other kids require a bigger reward. For these kids you could decide on the number of stickers or marks that they need to receive on their sticker charts in order to receive the reward.

How to use Behavior Charts

Firstly, discuss and clearly define your expectations. For example, no violence – such as hitting, biting or kicking –  is acceptable.

Secondly, decide how many stickers your child needs on the behavior chart and what the reward will be. For example, once the child receives 10 stickers he will receive a small toy that you decide upon ahead of time. Other rewards could be a visit to the zoo, a movie, a game or an ice cream. The number of stickers needed should be related to the size of the reward and the age of the child. The younger the child the shorter the goal needs to be. Kids age 3 – 5 generally need 10 stickers before receiving a reward in order to stay motivated. Older kids can cope with 15 or 20 stickers.

Each time or every day that the child behaves well you stick a sticker on the chart. In the example given each day that the child does not hit you add a sticker to the behavior chart. If you see the child in a difficult situation, such as a fight with a sibling and he manages to resolve the conflict without hitting it is a perfect opportunity to praise the way he dealt with it and add a sticker to the chart. This will encourage him to find alternative solutions in the future.

Allow your child to choose a behavior chart. You will find hundreds of free printable behavior charts on this site. Enabling your child to choose will help motivate her and encourage her to participate in the process. Some of the reward charts on this site can be colored and/or decorated. Many kids like to color their charts and this makes the process even more enjoyable.

In the beginning of the process children change their behavior in order to receive praise and rewards. Eventually this good behavior becomes habit and you will not need to use behavior charts to ensure good behavior.