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Using Behavior Charts to get Homework Done

Many families find homework time very stressful. Most children do not want to do homework and not that many kids do it without you asking or nagging.

The goal is to change their behavior so that they are intrinsically motivated to do their homework without you even having to ask them. In order to do this we need to make them feel proud and good when they get their homework done and succeed at school. Children need to understand how important school is and why it will help them in adult life. They need to want to succeed as much as you want them to.

Whenever your child succeeds praise and focus on the positive feelings and instill a sense of accomplishment. You can use the following homework charts to reward kids for doing their homework. The reward does not have to be monetary in fact monetary rewards will not necessarily work when homework is concerned. It might motivate them in the short run but the only way to motivate a child in the long run is for them to want to succeed at school. Keeping a behavior chart reminds you to make positive verbal comments and encourage the desired behavior. The goal is to get your kids to understand the importance of school and to want to succeed.

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 Should children be rewarded for doing homework?

Sometimes a monetary reward or other reward can be helpful when kids get assignments that they really don’t want to do or feel that they can’t. Even adults sometimes have particular tasks to do at work or home that they would rather put off. As long as this is the exception and not the rule a reward can be used for motivation. If for example you tell your child that you are going to make their favorite cake or dessert while they do their homework and they can have it when they finish it can help motivate them and get them do sit down and finally get it done. Having said that this should be a method used occasionally and not on a daily basis. It should not be presented as a bride but rather explain that you will be preparing the treat while your child does homework but they can only have it on completion.